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George Clooney Shows Support For Locals In Northern Italy Impacted By Flooding & Landslides

Amal and George Clooney attend a red carpet event. He has grey hair and some stubble on his face. He wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt. Amal wears a one-shoulder pastel yellow dress. She has long brown hair with curls and is wearing red lipstick which match her dangling red earrings. They are both smiling. The background is a blur of paparazzi.

George and Amal Clooney, photo by taniavolobueva/ shutterstock

Hollywood star and part-time Lake Como resident George Clooney has been showing his support for his Italian neighbours who were recently hit by flooding.

A number of people in the area of Laglio, near George’s vacation home, were forced to evacuate last week with heavy rain causing landslides. And luckily, while no deaths or injuries were reported, it’s clear some homes and businesses were left in ruins:

Embed from Getty Images

In the aftermath, George has been spotted taking a tour of the damage with local mayor Roberto Pozzi…

Showing his support for the volunteers from the Protezion Civile who have been cleaning up the debris…

And taking photos with locals, to let them know he cares.


“Laglio and the whole Lario area are experiencing really difficult times…In this difficult time, especially for our friends and fellow citizens who have been greatly affected by the landslide, it’s nice to hear the solidarity of so many people including George!” a message posted by local butcher and cafe Da Luciano reads on Instagram.


Mayor Pozzi tells People, George is helping raise awareness about the situation and has suggested he will help the area recover:

“He wanted to understand in person what had happened. He was very impacted by what he saw. He told us he would take some initiatives to help.”

It’s not yet clear what those initiatives will be.

(Feature Image Credit: @dalucianolaglio/Instagram)

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