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Gigi and Halima Highlight UNICEF’s Work With Refugees

Beautiful women on the cover of a fashion magazine? Pretty standard. Beautiful women on the cover of a fashion magazine promoting a good cause? Now THIS IS BIG.

Gigi Hadid and Halima Aden are both cover girls for the September issue of CR Fashion Book (photographed by Pieter Hugo) and LOOK: they’re both wearing UNICEF tees! In fact, the entire issue is dedicated to raising awareness about the global refugee crisis and how everyone – supermodels, activists, you and me – can help change the world.

Gigi Hadid and Halima Aden sharing a dual cover for CR Fashion Book (Photo by Pieter Hugo)

And Carine Roitfeld couldn’t have picked better models for the cover. Both Gigi and Halima are UNICEF ambassadors and have their own stories to tell when it comes to refugees.

 “I was born in a refugee camp in Kenya, it was a UN camp,” explains Halima in a video for CR Fashion Book“So I remember seeing UNICEF. I remember seeing the staff.” Halima was 6-years-old when she moved to the US (and eventually started smashing goals as the first hijab-wearing model to sign on to a major modelling agency!)

Meanwhile, Gigi is the daughter of a refugee – her dad Mohamed Hadid writes he was “only about 18 months old. After we were expelled from our beloved Palestine into the Syrian refugee camps.” It wasn’t until Mohamed was a teenager that his family would make it to America.

Gigi and Halima have also started a crowd funding campaign to coincide with this special September cover. They’re urging their MILLIONS of fans to help #childrenuprooted by ongoing conflicts and natural disasters. For more info or to donate, you can go HERE.

Nehal is an award-winning news presenter, author of "A Kids Book About Kindness Online" and founder of CelebrityKind. She has dedicated her career to creating connected and healthy spaces in the media. When she's not writing, you'll find Nehal hanging with family, dancing to Beyoncé, interpreting Taylor Swift lyrics or watching old eps of Oprah.

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