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Meghan and Harry smiling together while greeting crowds at a royal event.

Harry & Meghan Visit ‘The Welcome Project’ in Texas

Harry and Meghan have been spending time with women from Afghanistan who are resettling in the U.S.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stopped by The Welcome Project in Texas, a program running through their Archewell Foundation and operating in various states across America to help Afghan women rebuild their lives.

According to an update shared on Archewell.org, the couple joined the women as they worked on sewing projects and learned about the “newfound joy and creativity they have fostered with one another.”

Meghan also joined in on some cooking activities, learning how to make bolani, a traditional Afghan flat bread.


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There are currently 11 Welcome Projects across the U.S. which aim to “foster a sense of belonging” between women through shared activities and hobbies such as sewing and photography.

In an Impact Report released by Archewell last year, it was revealed that Meghan launched the initiative after the success of the Hubb Community Kitchen, a program supporting women who were displaced by the devastating Grenfell Tower fire in London, in 2017. The program provided a space for immigrant women who had lost their homes, to connect with each other through a shared love of cooking.

The Impact Report also showed that 98.8% of women had made meaningful connections or friendships through The Welcome Project.

Earlier this week, Meghan and Harry stopped by Uvalde as well to visit families impacted by the 2022 school shooting. They spent time with John and Joey Martinez, the nephews of Irma Garcia, a teacher who lost her life in the massacre. In a post on social media, John wrote, “MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY CAME TO MY HOUSE!?!?! They’re such a beautiful couple and I’m so blessed, so glad they came to check up on the family.”

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