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Harry & Meghan’s Archewell Foundation & World Central Kitchen Share Update On First Relief Centre

World Central Kitchen (WCK), the hunger relief organisation started by celebrity chef José Andres, has shared an update on their first project with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Archewell Foundation.

You might remember the two organisations announced last year they’d be teaming up to construct four Community Relief Centres in regions of the world prone to climate disasters. And yes, they’ve just finished building their first one!


Their plan? To use them as emergency response kitchens when hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires hit. And if there aren’t any disasters happening, then they’ll be used as food distribution areas for schools, families and communities in need.

This first one is located in Dominica in the Caribbean which has been repeatedly hit by hurricanes in the last few years:

Duke and Duchess of Sussex shake hands with fans at a public event. She wears a dark coat and his her hair tied back. He wears a white shirt and blue sweater under a dark coat. He stands behind her with one hand on her arm. They are both laughing.

Photo by ComposedPix/Shutterstock.com

“In 2015, Hurricane Erika destroyed hundreds of homes and caused extensive damage, followed in 2017 by back-to-back horrors of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, the latter of which brought 160mph winds and destroyed over 90% of the island’s infrastructure,” a post on WCK’s website reads.

“As a result of these crippling disasters, Dominica made a vow to become the world’s first climate resilient nation. Our work, which is driven by a commitment to climate resilience, is perfectly suited for supporting the island’s ambitious goals.”

The relief centre works with local non-profit group the Resilient Dominica Project and is located on the site of a new Primary School which was built to be a safe shelter against future hurricanes. Plus all the kitchen equipment including fridges and freezers work using solar power.

“From this Community Relief Centre, we anticipate being able to prepare thousands of meals per day in the direct aftermath of any future storm.”

WCK and Archewell’s second centre will be constructed in Puerto Rico.

They haven’t announced the locations of the third and fourth centres just yet.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy World Central Kitchen)

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