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Harry Styles Surprises Fan by Responding to her Prom Invitation!

Stylers around the world are collectively hyperventilating right now… because it looks like the Harry Styles just agreed to go to a fan’s prom!

Her name is Anna Carty and she’s a Scottish schoolgirl who recently called into radio station Capital FM to talk prom dates with presenter Katy J.

“No one else will do, Harry Styles or nothing!” Anna says in the video shared online.

“You know what, your argument is fair, like he’s going to be in Scotland anyway, so he may as well pop in to prom,” Katy J responded, referring to Harry’s upcoming concert happening at Ibrox Stadium, before revealing that she had a voice message from *checks notes* Harry!


“Anna, how’s it going, it’s Harry Styles here, hello!” he begins.

And yes, it does sound like the superstar himself.

And yes, the radio station has been heavily promoting Harry’s concerts so it’s very possible they did actually manage to get a message from him.

“Look, Katy J passed on your invite to the prom and I’m sure it’ll be a good Scottish party. I would love to be there, so just send me the details and I’ll see what I can do. So, I’ll see you soon!” his message ends.

As you can imagine, Anna was both speechless and in tears by this point because um, did Harry Styles just say yes?

“You heard it from the horse’s mouth, I have a feeling that he might rock up at prom!” Katy J added, saying it’s all “legit” but that she can’t make any promises that he will definitely show up.


Harry, who has two movies coming out this year including Don’t Worry Darling, has been celebrating the release of his third studio album this week, Harry’s House, and is due to tour the UK and Europe this month. Busy dude.

And now, maybe a little party with lots of excited high-schoolers to attend as well?

(Feature Image Credit: Debby Wong/Shutterstock)

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