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Hilary Swank Releases Sweater Vest Knitting Pattern For You & Your Dog (& It’s All For a Good Cause!)

Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Hollywood star Hilary Swank has announced her latest project – and it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll read today!

The actress has teamed up with knitting platform LoveCrafts to create a sweater vest knitting pattern for you… and your dog!

So you can match through the colder months!

In a post on Insta, Hilary shared a photo of herself with a sweet little pup named Mama Moon wearing said matching sweater vests and the cuteness level is guaranteed to melt your heart:


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Captioning the post, Hilary explains that she wanted to “make something special that would not only be fun and cozy, but would also go to a good cause.”

That good cause happens to be her very own Hilaroo Foundation, a nonprofit Hilary started to “bring kids who have been given up on and animals who have been abandoned, together, to help heal each other.”


The foundation runs one-week camps during summer as well as school programs where kids are paired with a dog to care for. The aim is to provide youth with responsibility training and the foundation hopes to expand its work so they can run these programs more regularly at a specific venue.

The story behind why Hilary started the foundation is incredible in itself.

According to a message shared on the nonprofit’s website, Hilary befriended a dog while filming in South Africa years ago. She took the dog to the vet, learning how very sick her furry friend was – “she was full of worms. She was also covered in fleas and had been doused in kerosene in an attempt to kill her, and had ears infested with a dozen ticks.”

Hilary named her Karoo and eventually nursed her back to health, taking her home to the U.S.

“She literally became the love of my life,” Hilary shares on the foundation’s website.


“The dog just saw me and loved me and touched a place in my heart where no human had ever touched it. So I thought, ‘Wow, there’s a real place for this.’ If this is how I felt, I can’t imagine how this could really change the path of a soul for the better.”

And so Hilaroo came about to give youth that same opportunity to feel love, growth and so much more.

Check out the beautiful work the Hilaroo Foundation is currently doing at www.hilaroo.foundation

And if you are so inclined to create a sweater vest for you and your pup – I mean, hello, why wouldn’t you? – you can purchase the pattern through LoveCrafts.

(Feature Image Credit: via Hilary Swank/Instagram)

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