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Jimmy Barnes and Jane Barnes send guitar to Moz Azimi, a refugee living in on-shore detention. (Photos: @jane13barnes/Instagram and @azimimoz/Twitter)

How Jane and Jimmy Barnes’ Small Act of Kindness Made One Refugee’s Day

Rock legend Jimmy Barnes and his wife Jane have sent a guitar to a Kurdish man who’s living in on-shore detention in Melbourne.

Moz Azimi endured seven years in detention on Manus Island and Port Moresby before being transferred to Australia for urgent medical help.

Although he received refugee status more than three years ago, his life is still in limbo.

“They’ve taken the sky from us,” Moz told human rights advocate and former Socceroos captain Craig Foster in a recent video chat, explaining that he’s required to spend 19 hours a day indoors and has to put in a request for permission to go outside two days in advance.

“Nightmares and other sickness are my friend these days. There is no other way. We have to be friends with our pains and nightmares,” Moz continues.

Jimmy and Jane Barnes sent Moz the guitar just days after Craig Foster posted a video of Moz explaining how he passes time by writing songs and poems.

The gift was accompanied by a note from the couple saying “Make some great music Moz! Hope to meet you one day.”

Posting a photo of himself on Twitter with a huge smile on his face, Moz thanked the Barnes family for their kindness:

“I have endured unimaginable things on #Manus, but that suffering also provided the opportunity to meet wonderful caring Australians. Thanks Jimmy Barnes and Jane Barnes for this beautiful gift. It means a lot to me.”

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