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Jace Allen & Seth Levine’s Collab “Taking Sides” to Help Build Homes for Families in Need

He’s already supporting families fleeing war in Ukraine, COVID patients, social justice nonprofits and criminal reform charities through his music. Now, Jace Allen is merging music and philanthropy once again and this time he’s hoping to help tackle homelessness across Latin America.

The Colorado artist has dropped the video for his latest track “Taking Sides”, a collab with friend and fellow philanthropist Seth Levine, announcing it will benefit nonprofit New Story. The organisation builds homes for families in vulnerable communities and since its inception in 2014, has helped over 15,000 people.

We caught up with Jace and Seth to find out more about “Taking Sides” and their mission to give back:


1, Congratulations on the new song and video! Jace, you’ve said in the past you will only release tracks that mean something to you and have a good story behind them. What is the story behind “Taking Sides”?

Jace: It’s a dichotomy of real happiness and dread at the same time. The happiness comes from the fact that my friend and former business partner Seth Levine came up with the idea for the music. I worked on getting the music “just right” as Seth produced the track. I had not even begun to think about the melody or the lyrics. After the music was done, I was suddenly struck by how melancholy the song made me feel despite a really fun creation process with Seth. It was then that I started to think about another friend’s divorce he was experiencing and the melody and lyrics took shape very quickly. I can’t remember a song that was so fun and light to write where the melody and lyrics took the piece in a very different direction.

Jace Allen (photo by Stephen Albanese)

2. Your previous releases cover a wide variety of genres including rock, funk, jazz and country. This time you’re entering the electronic/deep house space. What is the process of venturing into a completely new genre?

Jace: This was completely a completely different process than the others. Normally, I come up with an idea and a genre, and then I begin writing. In this case, Seth called me and said “Hey, I have an idea for you.”

Seth: This was a fun and collaborative process. Jace knows I’m a big fan of deep house and though it would be fun if we worked something together in that genre. He had the outline of Taking Sides and we worked together from that to create the song that ended up on the album.


3. While there are many musicians out there who are also philanthropists, there aren’t many who partner with an important cause with every song release. What made you want to put philanthropy at the forefront of your work?
Jace: The organisations that I support and my music are the driving factors of my ambition these days. Instead of treating these as separate activities, I decided to see if I could be more effective which each endeavour by combining them. So far, I’d rate this experiment as a great success and am so grateful for everyone that has supported us.


Seth Levine (photo by Stephen Albanese)

4. What can you tell us about New Story and why you’ve chosen to support them?

Seth: My wife first heard about New Story about 6 years ago – shortly after they got started. We loved their vision, audacity, and, especially their business model. They are building a non-profit but thinking and acting like a startup. I think that’s why they’ve been so successful. That and the amazing team of people that Brett and his co-founders have put together. My wife and I had the chance to visit a few of their projects in El Salvador a few years ago. It’s incredibly powerful to witness first hand the impact they’re having. We’re proud to be supporting them.

Connect with Jace and Seth on Instagram:



And check out their campaign for New Story HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Stephen Albanese/Supplied)

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