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Jack Harlow smiling at a red carpet event. He wears a blue velvet suit jacket with a black shirt underneath and has curly brown hair.

Jack Harlow Gives Back to His Hometown With Donations to Five Louisville Groups Making a Difference

Jack Harlow is doing what he can to give back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky – and his kindness is having a ripple effect, with Instagram and KFC pledging to give back too!

The “What’s Poppin'” rapper recently announced he’s made five donations to charities and groups making a difference in the area and is using his platform to raise awareness about the work they do.

“Growing up in Louisville, all I ever fantasised about was shining a light on the city. I would hear my favourite rappers talk about where they were from in songs and I felt this urge to let the world know about us too,” he begins.


“I’ve been blessed enough to build a platform during this journey & it’s become clear to me that giving back to the town that raised me is now one of my responsibilities.”

The organisations include the Louisville Urban League, a nonprofit working to eliminate racism, AMPED, a community centre using music and creativity to support kids’ wellbeing, the Grace James Academy which empowers girls through an Afrocentric and gender specific curriculum, Metro United Way, a nonprofit which works to improve Louisville community life and the Center for Women and Families which provides assistance to survivors of violence and sexual assault and engages the community in education programs to prevent further violence.

Not long after, Instagram pledged to match up to $50,000 in any donations made by Jack’s 3.8 million fans, through its nonprofit fundraising tool:

“I’m thrilled to announce that after seeing yesterday’s post….@instagram has reached out about how they could join me in giving back to @thecenteronline – and have agreed to match up to $50k of the money raised in this fundraiser,” Jack posted.


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And not long after that, KFC announced they would make donations to both AMPED and the Grace James Academy too!

Earlier this week Jack also partnered with Venmo to give out $100,000 to students, “because college is expensive.”

 (Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock.com)

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