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Jameela Jamil thanks Ted Danson for his guidance on The Good Place (Photo:@jameelajamil/Twitter)

Jameela Jamil’s Message of Gratitude for Ted Danson

Holy mother forking shirt balls! The series finale of The Good Place has dropped and as the world says goodbye to one of the greatest sitcoms of all time (yep, it’s up there!), Jameela Jamil is giving us a little insight into what life was like behind the scenes – And it sounds like it was full of encouragement and kindness.

The actress who plays everyone’s favourite socialite, Tahani, has posted a message on social media thanking co-star Ted Danson for his help over the last five years.

“I had never acted before,” she writes, “and he picked me up and taught me everything and guided me with so much grace, humor and generosity.”

Jameela had been working as a journalist and radio host in the UK before moving to America and scoring her gig on The Good Place.

“I will never recover from working so closely with such an icon who I have loved my whole life,” she adds.


Jameela also posted a video of Ted Danson teaching her how to dance on set: “This was one of the greatest moments of my life,” she writes.

Yep, we all need a Ted in our lives.

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