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John Legend supporting the new "Love the Change" initiative by Pampers

How John Legend is Helping Dads Change Nappies Across America

John Legend has teamed up with nappy brand Pampers to make dad-life a little easier for men across America.

They’re installing 5,000 nappy change tables in men’s restrooms after a #SquatForChange campaign went viral – It was all started by a Florida dad-of-3, Donte Palmer, who shared a photo of himself squatting against a restroom wall, trying to change his son’s nappy:

According to Pampers, the change tables will be installed in public restrooms across the US (and Canada too) by the year 2021 and they’ve enlisted John Legend to spread the message.

“Spending time out and about with my kids is one of the greatest joys in my life,” John says in a statement, “but it’s frustrating when I am out and the men’s restroom doesn’t have a baby changing table.”

The singer says having more change tables in the men’s restrooms “paves the way for more inclusive parenting.”

And while this post is all about John, we do have to acknowledge the original legend here (see what we did there?)- Donte Palmer. Had he not posted that photo and encouraged an online conversation about the struggles dads face in changing nappies, none of this would be happening.

Check out the new Pampers video starring John Legend below:

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