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Justin Baldoni Rings Bell to Celebrate Fan’s Final Round of Chemotherapy

Justin Baldoni. (Photo: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Justin Baldoni. (Photo: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

If kindness came in human form, I’m pretty sure actor, director and philanthropist Justin Baldoni would be it. 

The 36-year-old star is always doing what he can to help and uplift those around him and this week was no exception.

During one of his Instagram live sessions, Justin met a fan named Sandra who’d recently had her final round of chemotherapy.

“I got diagnosed in 2017,” Sandra explained as more than two thousand other fans tuned in. “I was really upset last month because there’s this whole ceremony kind of thing, like you ring the bell,” she continued.


She didn’t need to finish because Justin knew exactly what she was talking about – the ceremony where cancer patients mark their final radiation or chemotherapy sessions by ringing a bell in hospital, cheered on by their doctors and nurses.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures currently in place, many cancer patients are missing out on this little bit of joy.

So in true-Justin style, the actor turned what was meant to be a quick chat with a fan during an Insta live session, into a special, moment Sandra will never forget.

“I have one bell in my house, alright? We’re gonna ring the bell for your last chemo round,” Justin said.

And he did.

And It. Was. Beautiful. 

Watch the full heart-warming video below:


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Cancer is the absolute worst, and all of us know someone who has gone through the horrors of chemotherapy. So many of my loved ones who have survived Cancer told me that the best moment they had during the entire process was when all of the hospital staff got together and they rung a bell to celebrate the final treatment in the road to recovery. Unfortunately due to precautions put in place during this time – recovering survivors don’t exactly get the full experience since we are all physically distant and most hospital staff need to be isolated. So the other night I decided to make that a better experience happen for @05sandyy and I rang my bell in honor of her and the millions of others across the world who are kicking cancers ass! So let’s all ring a bell 🔔 for Sandy and those who are beating all of the terrible diseases in the world right now! #CancerSucks #RingTheBell

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“You did it! Two kids and chemo!” Justin said after his special ceremony. “You just inspired everybody tonight because it takes a warrior and a fighter to beat cancer, go through all that chemo and raise two kids. You’re incredible.”

And if like me, you’re wondering why does Justin have a random bell in his house? It’s for his kids to ring at the top of a rock climbing wall he installed for them!


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