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Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos smile together at a press event. Today they have announced a $100 Million fund to support Maui's wildfire relief efforts

Lauren Sánchez & Jeff Bezos Set Up $100 Million Fund to Support Maui

Emmy Award-winning journalist Lauren Sánchez and Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos have set up a special fund to support recovery efforts in Maui.

The couple has pledged $100 million to help the island rebuild after devastating wildfires ripped through Lãhainã, killing at least 93 people and decimating homes and buildings.

In a post on Instagram, Lauren writes: “Jeff and I are heartbroken by what’s happening in Maui. We are thinking of all the families that have lost so much and a community that has been left devastated. The immediate needs are important, and so is the longer term rebuilding that will have to happen – even after much of the attention has subsided.”


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She continues, “Jeff and I are creating a Maui Fund and dedicating $100 million to help Maui get back on its feet now and over the coming years as the continuing needs reveal themselves.”

Media icon Oprah Winfrey, a Maui resident, has also been supporting relief efforts. She’s been attending local shelters asking people what they need and then buying it for them.

“I went shopping for some basic things like sheets, towels, shampoo and other necessities,” Oprah says in a video posted to the official Oprah Daily account on Instagram. “At some point I’m going to make a major donation after all of the smoke and ashes have settled here, to figure out what the rebuilding is going to look like… this is going to be a long and difficult process.”

Other celebrities including Jason Momoa, Nicole Scherzinger and Dwayne Johnson have been using their platforms to highlight the gravity of the situation and share ways to help”

“I have been speaking with organisations on the ground. I will continue to get as much information as possible, there’s so many needs,” The Rock shares in an Instagram post, urging his 388 million followers to consider donating to the Hawai’i Community Foundation who have set up a “Maui Strong Fund” to help provide urgent resources for disaster response and recovery.

(Feature Image Credit: Feature Flash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock.com)

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