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Lewis Capaldi sings at Glastonbury June, 2023.

Glastonbury Crowd Shows Love For Lewis Capaldi By Singing For Him When He Couldn’t

Lewis Capaldi didn’t get through his entire set at Glastonbury but the crowd was full of nothing but love for the singer.

The 26-year-old, who had just returned from a 3-week mental health break, was on stage at the festival on Saturday when he had to pause several times:

“My voice is going big time, so I’m very sorry. It’s the worst place for it to f***ing happen. However, we’re going to play two more songs even if I can’t sing properly,” he can be heard saying in footage posted online.

“I’m really sorry, before we go any further as it’s a f***ing pain in the arse. You’ve all come out and I really apologise that my voice is packing in.”

But he didn’t disappoint the audience at all. Whenever he needed to pause, the crowd simply cheered him on. And when his band started playing “Someone You Love”, the crowd sang for him. (You can watch the moving footage here.)


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After the show, fans bombarded Twitter with messages of love for Lewis, many saying he had nothing to apologise for.

Whilst on stage, the singer also shared he would be taking another break from the spotlight: “You probably won’t see much of me for the rest of the year.”

He’s been very open with fans about his mental health issues, a diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome as well as the relentless pressures of fame. His three-week break in the lead-up to Glastonbury had been an opportunity to recuperate mentally and physically. In a recent post on social media, he explained that he needed some time to “rest and recover” so he could be at his best and “ready for Glastonbury” and any future shows he takes part in.

And while it didn’t work out the way he had hoped, we hope Lewis knows the love and support for him is bigger than ever.

(Feature Image Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage via Getty Images)

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