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Lizzo performs at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia.

Lizzo Gives Young, Bullied Fan Moment to Shine During Sydney Concert

Lizzo has made a young, bullied fan feel good as hell!

The superstar, who was performing at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Monday night, momentarily paused her concert to talk to an 11-year-old girl in the audience who was holding a sign that read:


In footage posted by concertgoers online, Lizzo’s team can be seen passing a microphone to Monroe Mills, an aspiring performer from Coffs Harbour:

“I get bullied on social media and they always tell me I’m not good enough,” she says, adding “because I like to dance and sing and I want to be like you.”

Of course Lizzo, being a beacon of positivity, kindness and empathy, immediately invites Monroe on stage at this point and gives her an enormous, loving hug.


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“The words that we say have a long-lasting effect on people,” the singer tells the audience before turning to Monroe with words of encouragement.

“You’re talented. And you’re beautiful. And you’re incredible. And you’re special. You can do anything – and you’re so young. You can be the greatest dancer in the world! You have so much time.”

And it didn’t end there. At one point, Lizzo gives Monroe her own moment to shine on stage by asking her to perform a dance and encouraging the 21,000-strong audience to chant Monroe’s name!

Lizzo also recorded a video message for Monroe’s haters on stage:

“Don’t talk about my bestie Monroe no more! You’re going to have to go through me! She’s a star! She’s a diva!”

Speaking to Channel 7 News about her experience the next day, Monroe said, “It was amazing. It was so good. I felt so special.”

A feeling we hope Monroe never forgets!

(Feature Image Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage via Getty Images)

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