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Taylor Swift and Lorde looking at each other and smiling at a red carpet event in 2016.

Lorde Shares Supportive Texts From Taylor Swift

Lorde is celebrating the sixth anniversary of her album, Melodrama, and she’s throwing back to the supportive texts she received from superstar and good pal Taylor Swift when the music was first released.

In a series of now-expired Instagram stories, Lorde posted a screenshot of a message the Midnights singer sent her back in June 2017, part of which reads:

“You will always be imagined in my mind in a rowboat with Annie Lennox floating down a river of cool cerebral ethereal dreams but don’t-f***-with-me vibes all around you.”

The message continued: “And I don’t think first week record sales singularly define a legacy.”

Lorde captioned the pic, “Taylor was very kind and not wrong.”

Lorde shares text message from Taylor Swift

via Lorde/Instagram Stories

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Lorde has previously said she’s very close to Taylor and loves her very much. In 2017, she took to Twitter to clarify some words which were taken out of context about their friendship during an interview:

“I’ve always found people’s perception of this ‘squad’ idea frustrating in the past; it was never some exclusive club of secret society, but a wide circle of people, some of whom I know, and some who I’ve never met, like most wide groups of friends. Forgive me for the wide eyeroll I popped when it was brought up as if we’re all blood members of a secret cult. Really sh***y to wake up to headlines about whether or not you’ve jumped ship on someone you deeply respect and ride for. I want to say one more time that Taylor has been there for me in all my dark and light moments these past 5 years. All of them.”

Not surprising really – Taylor is the ultimate hype girl and supportive friend.

Like that time she celebrated Sza for topping the Billboard Global 200 chart for the fifth consecutive week. Or that time she was described as “the definition of women supporting women” by country musician Kelsea Ballerini. Or that time Kesha said Taylor is the type of friend “who picks up the phone every time” you need her!

Yep, she’s always there. Full of love and support.

(Feature Image Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images)

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