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Love, George.

Moeloco Flip Flop

I’m pretty sure most of us would have a HEART ATTACK if George Clooney walked through our front door with a bunch of flowers….but not Pat Adams!

The octogenarian who thinks George is “a bit of alright”  kept her cool when the Hollywood star paid her a visit at the Sunrise of Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in the UK, on what happened to be the week of her 87th birthday.

“Well I just thought, ‘Ooo, is it really George Clooney?’ And anyway it was. And he is a charming man, just a very nice man,” Pat told Entertainment Tonight.

The actor turned up with a bouquet of flowers and stayed for 15 minutes. He not only posed for a photo, but also gave his lifelong fan a special handwritten card which reads, “Pat, I thought you might like some flowers. Love, George.”

This whole thing came about through the nursing home’s Wish Upon A Star program. Pat’s wish – to meet George Clooney – was printed in the facility’s newsletter which was then sent to George.

Pat tells BBC it’s an experience she’ll never forget….and she doesn’t think she’ll ever wash her hands again after George held them!

Neither would we, Pat. Neither would we.



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