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Luke Perry by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

The One Thing We Didn’t Know About Luke Perry

Image above: Luke Perry by Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons.

Luke Perry’s famous friends are flooding social media with personal pics and beautiful memories of the actor today. He passed away after suffering a stroke aged just 52. They’ve told us how talented he was, but we knew that already. How handsome he was, but we knew that too. And how much fun he was behind the scenes.

In fact, it feels like we all knew him, right? Afterall, he was a part of our lives every week for nearly a decade in Beverly Hills 90210 and then again more recently as Riverdale’s favourite dad.

But there’s one thing that we didn’t know about Luke. One thing that keeps coming up, over and over again, in almost every post from his friends about his sudden death:

How kind he was.

Yes, the guy who played brooding, bad boy Dylan Mckay was also one of the kindest men in the industry.

Check out these posts below from those who loved him, worked with him and admired him. And take a moment to read Colin Hanks post about randomly meeting him at an airport. Rest In Peace kind Luke:


What are some of your favourite memories of Luke Perry? Maybe it’s a quote from one of his TV shows or maybe an interview you’ve watched? Share the love below.

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