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Matthew McConaughey smiles at a red carpet event. He wears a white shirt with a blue suit jacket. The background is green.

Matthew McConaughey’s Reminder To Think Before You Comment Online

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Matthew McConaughey is reminding us all to think before we comment online.

The Hollywood superstar recently took part in an episode of The Balanced Voice podcast where he spoke about his book Greenlights, his JK Livin Foundation, the possibility of running for Texas Governor (“it’s a true consideration” he said!) …and online kindness.

“That comment you’re posting online, it’s going to outlive you,” he tells host Rania Mankarious.


“Think about that before you press send. What you’re doing right now is a compounding asset for your future. You’re writing your own story, is that really the part of your story that you want?” he continues.

Good question Matthew. 

And as for those on the receiving end of the comments, the actor and philanthropist also had some solid words to share:

“Kids are getting their identity off of what they send out and what millions of strangers may think of that. That’s not a place to get your identity,” he says.

“Those commenters out there, those naysayers that come back and make you feel down, when they thumbs down or give you a bad comment on what you put out. They’re on the sidelines for a reason. On the sidelines. Not in the game. So get in the game and play your own game.”

Highly recommend the podcast – it’s a fantastic interview which you can listen to HERE.

Matthew’s book, Greenlights, is full of words of wisdom, told through some of the wildest stories of his life. You can read my review HERE.

Or jump straight into the book HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com)

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