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Meryl Streep and Amy Adams smiling at a red carpet event. Meryl wears a red dress with black cardigan and belt. Amy Adam wears a sleeveless white dress.

Meryl Streep Taught Amy Adams How to Knit

In the most wholesome celebrity news you’ll hear today, Man of Steel actress Amy Adams says Hollywood icon Meryl Streep taught her to knit, to help her calm down on set.

Speaking to the Kelly Clarkson Show, Amy explains that Meryl, who is a big knitter, helped her master the craft while filming their 2008 flick Doubt, where they both played nuns.

“She did it in two parts – to sort of create a bonding experience between our characters, and also probably she felt sorry for me because I tend to be a bit energetic,” Amy laughed.

“So I’m sure she thought it was a great way for me to direct my energy instead of just skipping around in my (nun’s) habit.”

The lessons didn’t end there either, Adams said while that film was some time ago she still relies on the 71-year-old’s advice in tricky situations.


“She taught me many things … I’m still completely enamoured by her. I always say I carry around a little, like, Meryl in my heart. Whenever I’m stuck with a tough decision, I’m like, ‘What would Meryl do in this situation?'”

Same, tbh.

Meryl has previously admitted to using knitting to help her get into character, telling BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour she actually knitted the shawl she wore in Doubt.


“For me it was a place to gather my thoughts and understand the contemplative (life) .. It’s a sort of clearing out place.”

So look, I’m not saying knitting will make you an Oscar-winning actress, but I’m also not not saying that.

*goes out and buys knitting supplies*

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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