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Michael Sheen Reveals He’s a “Not-For-Profit” Actor

Twilight and Good Omens star Michael Sheen has revealed he’s become a “not-for-profit” actor – which basically means he gives away his earnings from acting to causes close to his heart and we are soooo here for it!

Writing in The Big Issue, he explains how working with community programs and in particular, helping to organise the 2019 Homeless World Cup in Cardiff – which he funded by selling his homes in the UK and US – shifted his perspective on how he could use his platform:

“It was scary and incredibly stressful…But when I came out the other side, I realised I could do this kind of thing and, if I can keep earning money, it’s not going to ruin me.”


“There was something quite liberating about going, alright, I’ll put large amounts of money into this or that, because I’ll be able to earn it back again. I’ve essentially turned myself into a social enterprise, a not-for-profit actor.”

Michael adds that he has come to understand his purpose is to “help other people the way so many people helped me.”


“I’m at the stage of my life and career where I have a window of opportunity that will probably never be this good again. I’m able to get people in a room, I can open doors. I don’t want to look back and think, I could have done something with that platform. I could have done something with that money.”

Giving to others has always been a part of Michael’s career in some way. He is an Ambassador for Into Film, a charity which provides after-school film programs to boost literacy amongst children.  In 2017 set up the End High Cost Credit Alliance to help people find more affordable ways of borrowing money.  He’s also donated funds to send Welsh students to Oxford University and is a Patron for various charities including Healing the Wounds, a British organisation which supports servicemen and women suffering from PTSD.

You can read Michael’s full post in The Big Issue HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/ Shutterstock.com)

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