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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Fundraiser For Ukraine Surpasses $30M Goal

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have an update on their fundraiser for the people of Ukraine.

The Hollywood couple, who set up a GoFundMe in early March to benefit two nonprofits – Flexport.org which is organising shipments of relief supplies to refugee sites in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova and Airbnb.org which is providing free short-term housing to refugees fleeing Ukraine – have announced they’ve now topped their goal of $30 million.

“Over 65,00 of you donated. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support,” Mila says in a clip posted to social media.


“And while this isn’t a solve of the problem, our collective effort will provide a softer landing for so many people as they head into a future of uncertainty.”

Mila and Ashton are now extending the goal to $40 million:

“As funding continues to come in we’re going to treat every dollar as if it’s been donated out of our pocket, with respect and honour for the work that went into earning it, with the intent of love through which it was given and the desire for it to be maximised for positive outcomes for others,” Ashton says.

You can check out their full message below and their GoFundMe page HERE. 


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