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A still from Lizzo's story and a screenshot of a note Missy Elliot sent to Lizzo

Missy Elliot Sends Uplifting Note to Lizzo, Just When She Needed It

Missy Elliot has sent an uplifting note to Lizzo and it came at just the right time.

You see, the “Rumors” singer had been feeling overwhelmed by the online negativity she’s been receiving since her latest single came out. Lizzo even did an Insta live today where she was visibly upset by the “fat-phobic” and “racist” words trolls have been leaving for her.

“On the days I feel I should be the happiest…I feel so down,” she said in the clip.


“Sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back.”

Just hours later, Lizzo took to her Insta stories to share that she’d received an enormous flower delivery from music icon Missy Elliot. 

“Once every few decades, someone breaks the mold,” a note accompanying the flowers reads.

“And you are one of those people. Continue to shine and be blessed through your next journey. Love, Missy.”

Still via @lizzobeeating/Instagram Stories

As you can imagine, Lizzo was truly touched by Missy’s kindness.

“Literally, this came on the perfect day. I needed it right now,” she says.

“You believe in me so I can’t fail. Thank you for always encouraging me and giving me the strength when I feel like I have nothing left to give. You always remind me that I am enough and I am limitless and to trust myself. So thank you so much.”

A number of celebrities including Lizzo’s “Rumors” collaborator Cardi B, fellow musician Chloe Bailey and actress and self-love advocate Jameela Jamil have also been showing their support for Lizzo online.

What’s that thing we always say about kindness drowning out the hate? Yeah, that.

(Feature Image Credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram)

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