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Never Have I Ever scene with a bunch of high school kids sitting at their tables in class. They're looking at each other, mid conversation.

“Never Have I Ever” Cast to Host Live Table Read Supporting India’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

The cast and creators of the hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever are coming together this weekend to help raise funds for India’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

Stars including Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Richa Moorhani, Jaren Lewison, Darren Barnet and more will take part in a live table read and give us a sneak peek of the second season.

There will also be a Q&A, some special guests and of course, the opportunity to donate to Give India.



The show’s creator, Mindy Kaling, shared the news on Insta:

“I am so excited about this. We are coming together to try to help our brothers and sisters in India.”

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who plays the lead, Devi Vishwaku, also took to Insta to explain why it’s so important to help:

“Yes we are still talking about this because we HAVE to talk about this. Many of us benefit from Indian culture from the food we ear to the beauty hacks we think someone else came up with. Being a part of a show that puts Indian-American culture in the spotlight, we the cast and creators will be hosting a virtual fundraiser to raise funds for Give India in support of their COVID relief efforts on the ground in India.


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According to the United Nations, India is experiencing “a COVID-19 tsunami” with over 300,000 cases reported daily, hospitals at breaking point and not enough medical equipment, vaccines or staff to cope with demand.

In the last 24 hours, there were 3,915 coronavirus deaths in the country and over 414,000 cases – the highest daily case count recorded by any country during the pandemic.


“This wave is almost four times the size of the first wave and the virus is spreading much faster,”says Yasmin Ali Haque, a UNICEF representative in India.

“On average, there were more than four new cases every second and more than two deaths every minute in the last 24 hours.”

The  Never Have I Ever live fundraiser is happing on May 8 at 2.30pm PT and for the Aussies, that’ll be May 9 at 7.30am AEST. Click HERE to watch!

(Feature Image Credit: Netflix)

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