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Oprah smiles at a red carpet event. she has curly black hair that sits on her shoulders and wears a V-neck dress that is a forest green in colour.

Oprah Is On A Twitter Kindness Spree (And She’s Not Done Yet!)

Oprah Winfrey is sprinkling a little kindness in the Twitterverse ahead of the holiday season.

The media queen and philanthropist has been surprising random users with special gifts including trips to Disneyland and even offers of employment.

It all started a week ago when a Twitter user with the handle @loneamorphous asked Apple for a new computer and shared a GIF of Oprah crying.


“Consider it done,” Oprah replied. “New @apple MacBook on the way. My pleasure to help you bring us into 2021 dancing,” she added, sharing a GIF of herself doing a little boogie.

A couple of days later, she helped a woman spread the word about her non-profit, Saddle Up, which provides books to children in need. Oprah reposted a tweet from @theblackcowgirl to her 43.4 million followers!

“I think what you’re doing is great: getting kids to fall in love with reading (and horses). Will call with details.”

And then there was ER doctor Cleavon Gilman who posted about the struggles of frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and was sacked from his job.

Oprah decided to shout him and his family a holiday:

“We should be taking care of those taking care of us,” she posted.

“You’ll need a vacation once this pandemic is over – and I’ll gladly send you and your immediate family anywhere you want to go. I’ll be in touch.”

Ms Winfrey is also sending another Twitter user on a holiday. This one being a woman named Kelly Victoria who has been pretending to be “Sapphire the Fairy” for a 4-year-old girl during the pandemic. She’s been writing her notes and leaving her little gifts!

“What a selfless act @saysthefox did for this 4-yr-old: Showed her magic still exists even in the hardest of times. If you’re up for it, how about a magical trip to Disney with Eliana, her parents & a friend when it’s safe again? On me. Think y’all need to meet Tinkerbell!”

And Ms Winfrey’s latest act of kindness involved a 23-year-old photographer named Malcolm Manning from Newark, New Jersey who was simply asking the Twitterverse for a retweet to help promote his work.

Well, boy did he get the retweet of a lifetime – and a job offer too:

“I’m relaunching @oprahmagazine’s website in 2021,” Oprah replied.

“How bout you come shoot one of our stories?”

It’s unclear how exactly Oprah is finding these fans to surprise, especially since none of them even tagged her in their original posts. What we do know is that a representative from Twitter says Oprah isn’t done with the surprises just yet:

“Keep an eye on Oprah’s Twitter account. It’s safe to say there is more coming from Twitter’s new Santa.”

Shall we call them a-hohoho moments?

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock.com)

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