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Paul Walker with ROWW

Paul Walker’s Foundation Targeted By Thieves

It’s hard to believe anyone could ever steal from charities or non-profit organisations, right? Unfortunately, it does happen.

Reach Out World Wide (ROWW), an organisation started by the late Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, was recently targeted when thieves took off with one of their trailers full of equipment and tools. Police did eventually find it, burnt out and dumped in the woods, leaving ROWW volunteers scrambling to restock ahead of the next emergency.

You see, ROWW sends skilled workers to help with first aid and relief efforts in areas hit by natural disasters. From earthquakes in Nepal and Chile to typhoons in the Philippines, tsunamis in Indonesia and most recently, tornados in Alabama, ROWW is there with project managers, heavy machine operators, doctors, nurses, paramedics and more.

Some of the items they urgently need for their trailer include bandages, gloves, tarpaulins and hammers. They want to be ready to send out their teams as soon as the next disaster hits.

Paul started ROWW in response to that devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Before his death, Paul was going on many of ROWW’s missions himself, distributing food and helping medical teams (pictured above is a still from a video by www.roww.org).

His legacy lives on thanks to his brother Cody, who’s taken charge of the charity since Paul’s sudden death in 2013.

If you’d like to learn more about the incredible work Reach Out World Wide is doing, you can go HERE.

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