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Nipsey Hussle at the opening of Vector 90 (Image: Instagram: @Vector.90)

Remembering Nipsey Hussle: More Than a Rap Star

The Twitterverse is full of kind words about Nipsey Hussle today, a young rap star shot dead outside his Marathon clothing store in L.A. He was only 33, and boy did he have an impact on everyone who crossed paths with him.

You see, Nipsey, whose real name is Ermias Davidson Asghedom, wasn’t just an artist. He had a brilliant mind and he used it to help others.

As a teenager, he taught himself to make a PC from scratch and learned how to use software to record his music, because he couldn’t afford to pay anyone else. So last year, he opened a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Center in Crenshaw (where he grew up), to help kids break into the STEM Industry. He wanted to promote entrepreneurship amongst black youths.  He wanted to diversify Silicon Valley and see kids who felt hopeless, find some inspiration. He wanted to show them that there are other viable options in life – that joining a gang was not the answer.

He was linked to a number of charitable causes too, whether it was supporting the foundations of his famous friends or contributing to the 2010 track to raise money for earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Before his death, Nipsey was working on a documentary about Dr Sebi, the Honduran herbalist and healer who gained attention decades ago, after posting an ad in a New York newspaper claiming he could cure AIDS. Nipsey was exploring the idea that Dr Sebi was murdered by those who believed his AIDS remedy would take away from giant medical and pharmaceutical companies. (In fact, news of Nipsey’s murder prompted immediate debate on social media as to whether or not his killing was related to this documentary!)

2 other people were injured during today’s shooting. Police haven’t released any further info at this stage.

Meanwhile, take some time to read the tributes from Nipsey’s famous friends below. Clearly, the world’s lost an amazing human:




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