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Richa Moorjani is Asking Us All to Keep the Focus on the Humanitarian Crisis in India

Never Have I Ever star Richa Moorjani is pleading for each and every one of us to take action to support our brothers and sisters in India, from donating to organisations on the ground to simply keeping the focus on the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

The Indian-American actress who portrays sweet cousin Kamala n the Netflix hit show, took to Instagram to share her moving message:

“Hopefully by now, if you don’t live in India, you’ve seen what’s going on in India,” she begins.


“And if you’re like me, you’re feeling a whole range of emotions from sadness to heartbreak to shock, anger, confusion and numbness, just not knowing what to do. I mean it is unimaginable what’s happening in India right now.”

Richa explains that hospitals are overwhelmed due to the pandemic and there are not enough oxygen supplies or vaccines for patients.

“If they’re not dying from COVID, a lot of them are dying from hunger right now. And it’s just heartbreaking to see,” she adds.

And she’s right. The United Nations are calling it a “COVID tsunami” with the death toll in India surpassing 200,000 people, the total number of infections over 17 million and at least 350,0000 new cases being reported daily.

Furthermore, the rapid spread of the virus is pushing hospitals and health care centres close to collapse with oxygen, hospital beds and essential drugs running out. Patients are being turned away and families are battling to find oxygen cylinders in a desperate attempt to treat their loved ones at home.

“I just wanna say that, as a global community, whether you are from India or not, it doesn’t matter, we all have to care,” Richa pleads with her 351,000 Insta community.


“All of us are affected by what’s going on in every part of the world right now. So please do what you can to spread awareness, share, amplify, if you have the means please donate.”

She tags a number of organisations working on the ground to provide relief including Feeding India, a non-profit working to address hunger. And she also links to a document sharing fundraisers related to COVID-19 distress. 

“India has given so much to the world, whether that’s yoga or spirituality, ancient Eastern wisdom, chai lattes…golden milk. India has given so much to the world, it’s time we give back.”

As always, when making a donation to any organisation linked here or otherwise, it’s important to do your own research and make an informed decision about where your money is going.

(Feature Image Credit: @richamoorjani/Instagram.com)

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