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Russell Crowe attends a red carpet event wearing a black jacket, shirt and dark sunglasses.

Russell Crowe is Matching All Donations Made in His Father’s Name to Brain Cancer Research

Russell Crowe is showing his appreciation for his friends, family and followers who donated to brain cancer research in lieu of buying flowers for his father’s funeral.

The Hollywood star has announced that he is matching all contributions made in the name of his late dad, John Alexander Crowe:

“Just a thank you to everyone who donated to the Charlie Teo Foundation on behalf of my dad. Just so you know, I’ve matched your donations,” he writes on Twitter.


John, who had quarantined with Russell during the pandemic last year, passed away in March this year after collapsing during a flight. He was aged 85.

A memorial service was held for him last week near the actor’s property in Nana Glen, New South Wales.

“I arrived back in the bush last night. Today, although the sun is shining and the torrential rain has abated, this date will forever be tinged with sadness,” Russell shared on his social media at the time.

“My dear old man, my beautiful dad, the most gentle of men, has passed away,” he continued.


“I’m posting this because I know there are people all over the world who’s heart he touched and who’s ribs he tickled with his sparkly eyes and his cheeky attitude to everyone, and everything, and this is probably as efficient a method as any to pass on the news.”

While Russell hasn’t shared details of the amount he’s matched or why he chose the Charlie Teo Foundation in particular, he does say that he hopes the donations will help keep the charity’s “overheads as low as possible” so they can continue doing what they do best – because right now, brain cancer kills more Aussie kids than any other disease and the survival rates are dismal.

You can learn more about the wonderful work the Charlie Teo Foundation is doing HERE. 

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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