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Russell Crowe hands over cheques to RFS Captain John Ladner

Russell Crowe’s Cap Raises Over $400k for Firefighters

Over $400,000 has now been raised for Aussie firefighters thanks to Russell Crowe, his sweaty Rabbitohs cap and three billionaire entrepreneurs!

The hat was sold during a Twitter auction to Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes who bid $100,000 (US $68k)

“Sign it ‘Today is the day’ and add your name…then find a kid affected by the bushfires and make his day by giving him the hat,” Cannon-Brookes tweeted just before the bidding closed.

Crowe who had earlier vowed to match the donation, raised the overall total to $200,000 before Scott Farquhar, also an Atlassian co-founder, announced he would donate $100,000 along with Ryan Smith co-founder of Qualtrics who also contributed the same amount.

As it turned out, Russell Crowe ended up donating $105,000 because, as he puts it, he “can’t count”:

Who would’ve thought, a sweaty, dirty Souths cap could do so much good?

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