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Ryan Reynolds smiles at a press event.

Ryan Reynolds Reaches Out to Young Boy Recovering from Open Heart Surgery

We often talk about sprinkling kindness around like confetti – and Ryan Reynolds is actually doing it.

From using his ugly-but-iconic Christmas sweater to raise funds for children in hospital, making generous donations to the UNHCR, food banks and nonprofits addressing the water crisis, to reaching out to a young boy who shared his Halloween candy with others, Ryan is – often quietly but always thoughtfully – sprinkling away in places he knows he can help.

His latest act of kindness? Sending a video message to Seb, a child he’s never met, recovering from open heart surgery at the Freeman Hospital Cardiothoracic Centre in the UK.


You see, Seb’s dad Ivan Hollingsworth had turned to the Twitterverse recently, hoping for a message from a Marvel superhero for his son:

“Recovering from open heart surgery and just so damn brave! Long shot, I acknowledge, but I think he deserves it. Who’s up for the challenge?”

Just hours later, Ivan shared that Ryan Reynolds was up for it!

“Last night I asked your help to get a message from a Marvel Superhero for our son Seb. Recovering from open heart surgery and being so damn brave. The very awesome @VancityReynolds has made our Heart Hero’s day! Thank you so much!”

Ivan shared a video of Seb in his hospital bed, watching Ryan’s message on a phone.

“Hi, I’m Ryan. Call me Deadpool. Call me Green Lantern. Call me whatever you like,” Ryan can be heard saying in the clip.

“I just want to send you my well wishes and send you all my love….Hang in there. You’re doing amazing and I’m super proud of you.”

As it turns out, Ryan was the perfect superhero to reach out too. Ivan later shared a photo of Seb’s bedroom and above his bed is a photo of guess who?

Deadpool and Guy from Free Guy!

(Feature Image Credit: Lev Radin/Shutterstock)

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