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Shawn Mendes surprises a fan in hospital with a FaceTime call

Shawn Mendes Facetimes Teen Who Missed Concert After Suffering Cardiac Arrest

Getting tickets to a Shawn Mendes concert for your 16th birthday is pretty awesome, right? But imagine missing it because you have to go to hospital instead!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Giovanna Santos who was supposed to attend the gig in Miami last month but went into cardiac arrest weeks earlier. Doctors diagnosed her with a serious heart condition meaning she’d have to stay in hospital until she could receive a heart transplant.

And when Shawn found out about it? He facetimed her!

“Hi darling, how are you? I love your ring,” the singer said with his signature charm when Giovanna answered the phone.

The teenager who’s been staying at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in L.A had made a sweet video for Shawn asking him to please visit. With a bit of help from hospital staff, the video made its way to the singer who then got in touch.

They chatted about Giovanna hopefully getting a new heart soon and being able to attend Shawn’s upcoming concert in Brazil. Watch the heartwarming video below:


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