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Will Smith and Son Jaden Donate Water to Flint Schools

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Now this is the story all about how, Will and Jaden Smith are turning lives upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how they became the legends of a town city called Belair Flint. (Ok my rapping skills need a bit of work.)

Will and Jaden Smith are helping out the people of Flint, Michigan by donating clean water to schools in the area from their eco-friendly company JUST Water.

Flint residents haven’t been able to drink water from their taps since 2014 when officials began using the Flint River as the main water source. This turned out to be a HUGE problem because the pipes were corroded so badly, the drinking water became heavily polluted with lead.  And even though lead levels have significantly reduced over the past 18 months, residents are still being cautious and drinking from bottles. In fact, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver recently announced that she wants families to continue drinking bottled water until the city’s lead-tainted pipes are all replaced, which could take about two years.

Will and Jaden have already donated over 9000 bottles to the city and their company is now promising to continue making monthly donations of bottled water to local schools until the water is fully drinkable again.

The famous father-son duo started their eco-friendly company in 2015 to give consumers an alternative to plastic bottles. Their products are made almost entirely from renewable resources – the container itself is paper and the cap is made from sugar cane!

Check out this video of Jaden showing us what happens when JUST water bottles are recycled:

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