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David Dobrik surprises struggling fan with $25k check (Photo via YouTube)

YouTube star David Dobrik Helps Out Struggling Fan With $25k Cheque

YouTuber and king of surprises David Dobrik has pulled another one off, this time for a single mum, struggling to make ends meet.

21-year-old Melissa Alvarez who has a 4-year-old son, goes to community college, works three jobs and looks after her sick parents, was asleep when David and his crew rocked up with some cash and a $25,000 cheque hidden in his pocket.

But let’s rewind for a minute because he can’t take all the credit for this one!

Earlier, Melissa had sent her friend Kevin Quintana to meet up with David Dobrik and hopefully score a FaceTime session with the YouTuber.

David was happy to chat and afterwards Kevin filled him in on how tough life has been for Melissa. So they decided a surprise was in order. And boy, was it a good one!

“I wish I had something to give you. I’ll give you everything in my pocket,” the YouTube star tells Melissa in a video of the interaction.

At first he hands over some notes adding up to $25. But then he pulls out the cheque!

Watch the heart-warming video below:


This isn’t the first time David Dobrik has surprised people with awesome gifts. Last year, the YouTuber gave away about 15 cars to his friends!

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