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Chef José Andrés smiles wearing a red shirt and vest. He has a white beard

Cook Like Chef José Andrés: 3 Resources You Need Right Now

Imagine taking your meals to the next level by channeling the skills of world renowned humanitarian chef José Andrés. Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible…

The 4-times James Beard Outstanding Chef winner, known for his traditional Spanish cooking, has had a career spanning decades. His emphasis has always been on using fresh, high-quality ingredients so he can serve the most authentic flavours. But as the brilliant mind behind World Central Kitchen, a hunger relief nonprofit which provides free meals to those in crisis zones, he’s also all about bringing people together – or as Chef José calls it, “building longer tables.”

For Chef José Andrés, food has never just been about eating. It’s always been about connection, bridging gaps and finding common ground.

So how can you learn to cook like Chef José? Here are three must-have resources to elevate your cooking game, unleash your creativity in the kitchen and perhaps even build some longer tables too:


1. MasterClass: Food, Stories & Connections with José Andrés

MasterClass, the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best, recently announced the launch of a three-part original series from Chef José Andrés on the importance of understanding each other through food.

Chef José will share the history and stories behind some of his favourite meals (think arepas and mac’n’cheese!) while also sharing the recipes. He invites nine guests along for the series and together, they’ll explore some iconic dishes too. There are lessons in presentation, experimenting with flavour combos and using cooking as a form of self-expression.

“Food has an incredible way of bringing people together. That’s why I’m always talking about building longer tables—because there is no better way to experience and celebrate our differences than by sharing a meal,” he said. “The recipes we make are full of rich history and stories, all we need to do is listen. My new class on MasterClass will take members back through history and help them embrace the power of food to connect with family and friends.”

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2. “ZAYTINYA”: Delicious Mediterranean Dishes From Greece, Turkey & Lebanon

Chef José’s ZAYTINYA restaurants in Washington D.C. and New York City are known for showcasing some of the most delicious dishes from Greece, Turkey and the Middle East – and yes, they’re always made to share. Now, they can be made at home thanks to the new ZAYTINYA cookbook.

From learning how to preserve lemons to creating vibrant dips, za’atar pides, grilled seafood and delicately spiced kebabs, this is the cookbook you need to entertain – and impress – friends and family.

ZAYTINYA cookbook by Chef José Andrés showing a plate of food on a blue background


Get it now on Amazon.com

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3. “The World Central Kitchen Cookbook”: Feeding Humanity & Hope

In this cookbook, Chef José shares the meals cooked by World Central Kitchen (WCK) during their relief missions. The book is separated into chapters such as “Urgency” and “Hope”, not only sharing recipes from local communities (tamales, spiced catfish, flatbreads) but also stories from the frontlines. A number of famous faces contribute as well including Michelle Obama who shares the recipe for her famous breakfast tacos andMeghan, the Duchess of Sussex who shares what goes into her Lemon Olive Oil cake.


World Central Kitchen cookbook cover showing a number of vibrant dishes and condiments


Get it now on Amazon.com

Or Amazon Australia


(Feature Image Credit: MasterClass)

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