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Shonda Rhimes teaches writing for television. A photo of Shonda smiling with her arms crossed.

Shonda Rhimes Shares Her Top 3 Writing Tips

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Shonda Rhimes, the brilliant mind behind some of our favourite TV shows and movies including Grey’s Anatomy, Bridgerton and The Princess Diaries 2, is sharing her top 3 writing tips!

The screenwriter and producer recently posted a video on Instagram explaining what she personally does to get in the zone and create her best work.

“Number one – get some really good music. Something that you’ve heard a million times, can sing along to but don’t have to think about too much. Put on some headphones and listen to it,” Shonda begins.

“Number two – make sure that alllllll of your excuses for not writing are gone. Go to the bathroom. Have some snacks ready. Have some water ready. Make all your phone calls. Look at all your emails. Disconnect your internet. Do all that stuff.”

Shonda continues, “Number three – just clear your mind and promise yourself that you only have to write one good page. One good page! It only really takes one good page to get you going. So after you’ve given yourself the one good page, consider yourself free. It’s like when I tell myself I only have to exercise for two minutes. After two minutes, I’m fine to exercise for 20!”

And that’s how she does it! Music. No excuses. And one good page.

Of course, there is always more to being a multi-award-winning screenwriter…


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