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Tan France Masterclass: a photo of Tan smiling wearing a patterned white sirt with a burgundy blazer. He has distinguished, styled silver hair.

Tan France Masterclass Review: Yes, It’s Worth It!

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Question. How often do you wash your jeans?

If you’re Tan France, the answer is about twice a year!

Yep. Just two times a year.

Before you scrunch your nose up thinking they must be the smelliest denims on Earth, take note of this random fact: Instead of washing his jeans, Tan puts them in the freezer to kill the bacteria. This helps bring them to a clean state and preserve the fabric so they last longer.

THAT is the kind of useful information you’re going to discover in Tan France’s Style for Everyone course on Masterclass, and much more.


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Tan is one of many celebrities who’s joined the Masterclass streaming platform where you can learn just about anything and everything from some of the biggest names in the world.

Tennis? Serena Williams will teach you how to serve.

Acting? Natalie Portman is sharing her wisdom.

Writing a novel? R.L. Stine has loads of advice.

If you already know Tan from Queer Eye or Next in Fashion, then you know he’s a brilliant stylist with a knack for making an ordinary shirt become a personal statement. But Tan has also been styling people on and off camera for over 20 years and he knows his stuff.

In this Masterclass, he shares it all – how he became so entrenched in fashion and how everyone can have style:

“It doesn’t matter your age, your size, your race, your gender identity, everyone has great style in them. They just need to find it!”

In this post, I’ll explain who this course is for, what you can expect to learn and – the big question – whether it’s worth the money.


Who is Tan France’s Masterclass for?

What Tan said – this course is for anyone who wants to find their own great style. Whether you have a fabulous fashion sense already or you have trouble putting basics together, this course is entertaining and informative for just about everyone.



What will you learn in Tan France’s Masterclass?

“Let’s teach some shizz!” Tan says in the opening. And yes, you will be schooled in fashion, style and confidence right from the start.

Here’s a quick break down of what you can expect:


Lessons 1 – 4:

During these early lessons, you’ll get a friendly intro into style starting with Tan’s two simple and basic rules (you’ll have to watch to hear what they are. Can assure you, they’re good!).

He gives examples of when he likes to fall back on faithful tricks or when he might step out and experiment with something new and on trend – and how you can too.

His class is all about empowering every person with the right tools to bring who they are on the inside to their outer selves. And yes, that external confidence can be very powerful!

“I have got so many people laid,” Tan says laughing.

“That is a blessing. Like the fact that I have encouraged people to date, to get what they want, to get a job, to get laid… is amazing!”

If that isn’t enough to convince you, lessons 3 and 4 breakdown how to make a capsule wardrobe and how to create different looks using just those items.

And no, it’s not about boring pieces or drab colours. Tan will show you how to use different shades to create a basic wardrobe or how to weave in different textures and fabrics.


Lessons 5 – 8

This is where things get a bit more playful. Tan delves into how you can develop your own mood board, seek inspiration, how to have role models but not copy styles and how to dress for particular occasions.

“When looking for inspiration for your new style, it doesn’t have to necessarily just have to be with fashion. It could be with botanicals, it could be with art, it could be with anything – the ocean! It could be with birds! I am inspired constantly by what I see!”

And this is exactly the positive vibe that’ll rub off on you while watching Tan’s Masterclass.

You will get tips on how to get the right fit, play with colour and be a little more daring with prints and textures.


Lessons 9 – 12

Tan has covered how to think about style and how to pull together looks, now he jumps into the really fun part – shopping!

There are some solid tips in this section to note down from how to search effectively online when you want to stay true to your style, to the reason why Tan recommends you always try two sizes on even when you think you know your fit.

I mean, really, you don’t get this kind of gold anywhere else!

True Tan fans will love the module that dips behind the scenes of Queer Eye – and yes, there’s even a little section about how you can Queer Eye yourself from home!

But the biggest lesson of all comes in the very last module. It’s all about owning your style and owning who you are. And there is no greater lesson in style – or life – than that.


Is Masterclass worth the money?

Of all the Masterclasses I’ve done (and I’ve done a lot), this one is definitely the most fun. It’s filled with energy and enthusiasm that won’t just have you looking good but feeling good and who doesn’t want that?

You’re probably wondering if it’s worth the dollars and my answer is a big yes.

The annual class pass will set you back $120 (US) and that gives you access to all 180 Masterclasses for a whole year. (It works out being $10 a month. If you compare that to the actual cost of getting a stylist or personal shopper these days, then it’s definitely worth the investment.)

I highly recommend just browsing through the site to see if there are any other classes you might enjoy. Keep an eye out for regular offers on the site too that’ll allow you to try before you buy!

There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee so if it turns out Masterclass just isn’t your thing, you can request a refund.


How do I sign up?

Easy! You can sign up to “Tan France Teaches Style For Everyone” by clicking here where you’ll be directed to create a login, or you can do so through your Google or Facebook account.

(Feature Image Credit: courtesy Masterclass)

*This post was updated on May 31, 2023 to reflect new reduced prices being offered by Masterclass.

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