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Adele Helps Fan Pull Off an Epic Surprise Proposal During Concert

*Spoiler Alert* Adele’s One Night Only Special has aired in the US but not yet in Australia and many other countries around the world. By reading on, you will find out what happens in one segment of the program.

Imagine walking blindfolded into a room full of people, only to take the eye cover off to see your fiancé down on one knee  – and superstar Adele on stage, right there next to you!

Well, that is exactly what happened to a young woman named Ashley.

During the concert portion of Adele’s two-hour TV special, One Night Only, the singer asked her audience for their cooperation to pull off the surprise by Ashley’s partner, Quentin.

She explained the couple had been together for seven years and urged the crowd to remain very, very quiet – at one point jokingly saying, “if you make a noise, I”m going to kill you.”


According to Rolling Stone, Quentin had written to TV producers looking for a way to propose to his girlfriend. They arranged a romantic date and ended up at Griffith Observatory where the concert was taking place.

After a nice meal together, Ashley is blindfolded and made to wear noise-cancelling headphones. Quentin then guides her onto the stage and gets into position.

When Ashley takes her mask off, she is sobbing at the realisation of what’s happening!

“Will you marry me Ashley?” Quentin asks to which Ashley tearfully and hilariously responds, “in real life?

Of course she said yes.  And is if all of that wasn’t surprise enough, that’s when Adele suddenly appears out of the shadows of the dimmed stage.

She congratulates the couple, inviting them to sit down in the front row in between *checks notes* Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy! I mean, could this proposal get any better?

Adele then beautifully celebrated the newly engaged couple with the Bob Dylan song “Make You Feel My Love” which she covered in her first album, “19.” You can watch the awesome moment HERE.

This isn’t the first time Adele has helped pull off surprise proposals either. It became kind of a thing during her 2016-2017 world tour where she would ask couples onto the stage to help make their moment extra special!

We’re glad you’re back Adele. So, so glad.

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

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