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Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse smile together at a press event.

Barbara Palvin & Dylan Sprouse Announce They’re Engaged!

Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse are sharing some happy news – they’re engaged!

The model and actor who have been together for over five years, confirmed their engagement to V Magazine in a feature published today. And it turns out he popped the question quite awhile ago…

“We got engaged in September,” Barbara tells the interviewer – who just so happens to be Cole Sprouse, Dylan’s twin!

During the chat, they reference how certain outlets leaked their news before they were ready to go public. So this interview is certainly a special one, because they’re opening up about their personal business on their own terms. 

Barbara explains that Dylan kept the ring for seven months before he worked up to the actual proposal. And while they don’t share many details about how it all went down (very well, obviously!), they do reveal that the wedding will take place in Barbara’s home country of Hungary.

“It’s gonna be a big event,” Dylan says, “with both of our parents meeting for the first time too. I think it’s exciting for me, not only because I love the kind of historical traditions of the event, but because Cole, we came from a very small family unit. Barbara, on the other hand, has quite a large family unit. They look at her like their princess and I think it’s going to be a really special moment to see them all reacting to that amidst their traditions.”

One of those traditions being kidnapping the bride on the wedding night!

“Yes, there’s this fun little part where the groomsmen kidnap the bride,” Barbara shares, “and the bridesmaids put Dylan to the test to see if he really deserves me. He had to do challenges to get me back and then he has to find me.”

The pair both shared the news on their Instagram pages too. Dylan captioned a reel of their photoshoot with V Magazine, “Sprouses to be.”

Check out their full interview HERE.

(Feature Image Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock)


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