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Emily and Justin Baldoni Celebrate 7 Years of “Beautiful, Messy, Amazing” Marriage

Emily and Justin Baldoni (Photo: DFree/Shutterstock.com)

 (Photo: DFree/Shutterstock.com)

We only ever seem to hear about the “bombshell breakups” and the “public spats” and the “bitter divorces.” But don’t let the tabloids fool you. There’s a whole lotta love around too.

And Emily and Justin Baldoni are the perfect example.

It’s been seven years since the couple tied the knot in front of family and friends in Corona, California after that epic, surprise proposal by Justin at the Blu Jam Cafe where they had their first date.

Two beautiful children, a foundation that supports the homeless and some pretty damn successful acting and directing credits later and these two are still a team, uplifting each other, supporting each other and always having fun along the way.

To mark the special day, Justin has shared their wedding trailer on his socials. The video cuts between the vows they each wrote for each other and yes, you’re going to need some tissues:

“I want to start off my vows to you with an apology,” Justin begins.

“I’m sorry for all my faults and my shortcomings, for my insecurities and my ego and for everything that I’ve ever done or said that’s hurt you and everything I’ve brought to this relationship that hasn’t been pure,” he continues, with Emily staring back at him full of love.

Ok here’s the bit where you’ll need the tissues.

“But with that apology also comes a promise. Emily, I will cherish you for the rest of my life. I will appreciate you. I will listen to you. And I will respect you.”

Emily’s words are just as moving: “I love you. Truly, madly, deeply. I will stand strong by your side, grateful to have a man who will go above and beyond to comfort a friend or simply make somebody feel loved.”

“Let’s jump in,” Justin says before they kiss. (Yeah, I told you you’d need the tissues!)

The actor has captioned the video with a heartfelt message too saying, “Here’s to 70 more beautiful, messy, amazing years together,” before apologising for his annoying habit of leaving his wet swimmers on her clean towel!

Meanwhile, Emily shared a different – and rather hilarious – message on her socials. The actress and entrepreneur posted a photo of “two exhausted parents chugging coffee on our way to our escape for the night so we have energy to celebrate,” complete with the hashtag #reallife.

And that is exactly why we love these two! But perhaps Justin’s dad Sam Baldoni explains it best, referring to them as “spiritual dynamos”:

Happy anniversary Justin and Emily!

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