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Foo Fighters Address the Band’s Future Without the Late, Great Taylor Hawkins

The Foo Fighters have shared a statement reflecting on life without their friend and drummer Taylor Hawkins, and how they plan to move forward as a band.

On New Year’s Day, the group took to Twitter describing 2022 as “the most difficult and tragic year” they’ve ever known following Taylor’s death in March.

“We are reminded of how thankful we are for the people that we love and cherish most and for the loved ones who are no longer with us” the statement begins.

“Foo Fighters were formed 27 years ago to represent the healing power of music and a continuation of life and for the past 27 years our fans have built a worldwide community, a devoted support system that has helped us all get through the darkest of times together. A place to share our joy and pain, our hopes and feats and to join in a chorus of life together through music.”

The message goes on to acknowledge the significant contribution Taylor made to the group and how the Foo Fighters will keep playing music when they’re ready:

“Without Taylor, we never would have become the band that we were – and without Taylor, we know that we’re going to be a different band going forward. We also know that you, the fans, meant as much to Taylor as he meant to you. And we know that when we see you again – and we will soon – he’ll be there in spirit with all of us every night.”

On the night of Taylor’s death, the group had been scheduled to perform at a festival in Bogotá as part of their tour of South America. It turned into a candlelit vigil for the charismatic 50-year-old drummer.

Though a toxicology report revealed a number of substances in Taylor’s system, no cause of death has been officially shared.

(Feature Image Credit: Ben Houdijk/Shutterstock)

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