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Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer Had a Crush On Each Other While Filming “Friends”

*In my best Janice voice* OH. MY. GAWD.

Well, the Friends reunion special has dropped and let me tell you, there were a lot of very special moments but I won’t spoil those for you.

What I will spoil for you – because I, like the rest of the world, absolutely cannot contain my surprise – is that actors Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer liked each other while filming the series.

I mean, really liked each other. 


Speaking to host James Corden in the reunion ep, David says: “The first season, I had a major crush on Jen.”

And then Jen casually replies, “it was reciprocated.”


And if that didn’t blow your mind, well, girlfriend, it gets better.


“At one point, we were both crushing hard on each other, but it was like ships passing because we were both in relationships when the other wasn’t and we really respected that,” David explains before Jen added some more jaw-dropping details.

“I remember saying to you [David], ‘It’s going to be such a bummer if the first time we kiss is on national television’ and sure enough, we did.”

Are you still with me or did you pass out?

The most hilarious part is that they thought the other cast members didn’t know about this crush business.

“We knew,” Matthew Perry laughed.

“We knew for sure,” Courteney Cox added.

Watch the snippet below or you can watch the full reunion episode on Binge now.


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