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Justin Long & Kate Bosworth Announce They’re Engaged!

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long are sharing some exciting news – they’re planning on spending the rest of their lives together!

Yes, the truly adorable couple (have you seen their Insta posts for each other?) confirmed they’re engaged in the latest episode of Justin’s podcast, Life is Short, where they share their sweet story on their own terms.

“We’re probably gonna be asked about it and we thought, ‘well, how can we talk about this in a way that makes us feel the best?’ and we thought, ‘Oh, I’d just really like to just talk about it with you!'” Kate says before the pair go into the details of Justin’s proposal.

“I thought it was the most romantic and honest and loving proposal,” Kate continues.

So what did Justin do exactly? Well, he very simply and beautifully proposed one morning while they were lying next to each other in bed, totally impromptu.

The Barbarian star explains that he “had a special thing planned” around Kate’s 40th birthday in January but, without going into details why, that didn’t happen. They had been seeing a therapist at the time who suggested they regularly check in with each other, “asking the other what you need.”

“I remember waking up not so many mornings after that therapy session and I looked at Justin, I smiled at you and I said, “What do you need?” Kate chimes in.

“And he really looked at me and he said, ‘To spend my life with you.’ And I smiled and I said, ‘Well, yeah, you have that. Oh my gosh, you have that.’ And he said, ‘No, I mean really want to spend my life with you.'”

Justin adds, “It was the easiest…. the words just came out, like so naturally.”

Both Justin and Kate shared their happy news on their Insta pages too:

“I feel eternally grateful that I found a partner who makes each day SO full, whose mere presence IS a reminder of the beauty and brevity of life, and who makes me laugh from the minute we wake up til the one I begrudgingly fall asleep. I cherish the days we’ve had and the ones to come,” Justin writes, while Kate shares how awkward it can be to announce such personal news:

“These things are funny to announce. How to do this right? He’s going the distance? I’ve got a Blue Crush? He’s just THAT into me? I’ve won a date with…??? Ok you get it!” she jokes.

“If life is short, find the one who brings you endless peace and radical wonder.  @justinlong I am so grateful it’s you.”

You might also notice a photo on Justin’s page of the two of them at the recent Vanity Fair Oscar party with Kate proudly displaying her diamond ring.


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Justin and Kate worked together in 2021 on the set of House of Darkness. They went public with their relationship in 2022 posting photos with each other on social media.


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