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Kelly McCreary & Pete Chatmon Announce They’re Expecting!

Kelly McCreary smiles at a red carpet event. She has curly Black hair that is tied back and she wears a burgundy satin shirt.


There’s a real life Grey’s Anatomy baby on the way!

Actress Kelly McCreary who plays Dr Maggie Pierce on the long-running medical drama and director Pete Chatmon have announced they’re expecting.

Kelly shared their beautiful news on Instagram with a photo of her holding up a positive pregnancy test:

“When being late comes right on time…. Surprise! WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” she captioned the pic.

“Pete and I are thrilled to be growing our family, and to share the news with all of you! Lemme tell you, there’s nothing like finding out by seeing the word spelled out, clear as day, leaving no mystery whatsoever: PREGNANT!”

She also shared another photo of the two of them together pointing at Kelly’s necklace which reads “Hot Mama.”

Their pregnancy announcement was also used as an opportunity to raise awareness about non-profit March of Dimes who are working to improve Black maternal and infant health.


“This year, they launched an implicit biaas training for more than 15,000 health care proivders with the goal of uncoering institutionalised racism in the health care system and training health care workers not to perpetuate cycles of discrimination to achieve equity for all moms and babies.”

The parents-to-be met on the set of Grey’s and tied the knot back in May 2019.

(Feature Image Credit:@seekellymccreary/Instagram)

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