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Megan Fox at a red carpet event. She has long brown hair that sits in waves over her shoulders.

Megan Fox Shares Struggle of Watching Her Kids Grow Up

Megan Fox has opened up about a struggle so many of us mamas face – watching our kids grow up so quickly! 

I mean, it really does happen in the blink of an eye doesn’t it? One minute they’re these teeny, tiny little humans we’ve brought into the world. Next minute, they’re on their own, being themselves, not needing…us.

In fact, there are bodies of literature about this very feeling which can lead so many parents on a path to anxiety and depression, so if this is you too friend, you’re not alone!

The Hollywood star who has three sons (8-year-old Noah, 7-year-old Bodhi and 4-year-old Journey) with her ex Brian Austin Green, shared her thoughts during a recent appearance on the Today Show:


“I wish there was like, a way, I’m sure a lot of moms feel this way, where you could, just every once in awhile for a day, put them back in that two-three year old period. Because it’s hard to watch them grow up so quickly.”

Oh yeah, we hear you Megan!

The actress continued to explain that it’s an issue she often struggles with:

“I cry about it all the time, because they grow up so fast. And you know, my phone will send me pictures of them when they were young and it’s hard to look at. It’s painful to love something so much.”


She adds that she has a lot of fun with her kids.

“I have three boys. They are hilarious. They don’t listen to me at all.”

During the interview, Megan’s children can be seen running around in the background of her video call.

“It’s 7.30 here so they woke up a few minutes ago,” she explains with a smile.

“So, it’s just what it is. You have to make it work.”

You can watch the full interview below:

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shuttertstock.com)

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