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Alexi Lubomirski describes Harry and Meghan as a "superpower for doing good" (Photos: Supplied; @kensingtonroyal/Instagram)

Harry and Meghan’s Photographer Alexi Lubomirski Says They’re a “Superpower for Doing Good”

You may’ve noticed certain media outlets are hell-bent on taking down the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Sometimes they pay Meghan’s estranged father Thomas Markle to speak out and stir things up a bit. Sometimes they fabricate stories about the couple to suit their negative narrative (“HARRY’S CALLED IN THE DIVORCE LAWYERS!” – umm, no he hasn’t.) Sometimes they make sweeping statements about them, even though they’ve never actually interviewed the couple or even met them. Sometimes they use mystery “unnamed sources” to tell their tall, tall tales.

But what about the other people? The ones who actually know Harry and Meghan? Those who’ve spent time with them and…. have a name? 


Like fashion and celebrity photographer Alexi Lubomirski who was anxiously waiting for a phone call a few years ago. It was supposed to be from the doctors who were removing a cancerous tumour from his mother’s brain. A serious, 10-hour operation with a 50 per cent chance of survival.

When the phone rang, he was surprised to hear representatives from Kensington Palace on the other end.

“I kind of looked up in horror at my brother and sister. My poor brother and sister must’ve thought the worst had happened to my mum,” he laughs.

“And then I thought it was my best friend pranking me. So I was about to unleash some blue language down the phone saying ‘I can’t believe you bloody did this today! This is my mum’s operation day, you can’t do this!'”

But it really was Kensington Palace. And they really did want to speak to Alexi who was making a name for himself photographing some of the biggest stars in the world including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.



Fast forward a few weeks and not only was his mum recovering well but Alexi Lubomirski had became the official engagement and wedding photographer for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Over the next year he would have meetings with Harry and Meghan, talk to them on the phone and spend hours and hours with the royal couple, photographing special moments in their relationship.

He got to see the real Harry and Meghan. The Harry and Meghan none of us truly know and the ones the tabloids certainly don’t tell us about.

“I document celebrities, which means I get to have a short, brief window into these people’s lives,” Alexi says on the CelebrityKind Podcast. 

And what Alexi saw between Harry and Meghan is enough to make even the Piers Morgans of the world melt – just a little.

“They would look at each other with these adoring eyes…and there would be this smile and this sparkle,” he says, “they’re so adorably in love.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, by Alexi Lubomirski

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, by Alexi Lubomirski

Beyond the love, Alexi could also see that both Harry and Meghan understood their influence and wanted to do something positive with it.

“I got such an amazing vibe from them in the beginning that they were two people who’d had lives before they got together.”

“You had these two forces of people who had had jobs, had lives and they realised the power of their platform and they wanted to just, literally just do good and bring awareness and raise awareness and use their platform for good,” he says.

“And then putting those two forces together became this superpower for doing good.”

Listen to the full interview with Alexi Lubomirski on the CelebrityKind podcast:

Feature photo: supplied.



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