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Rihanna & A$AP Rocky are Expecting!

Well this is HUUUUUUGE NEWS – Rihanna is PREGNANT!

She’s expecting her first child with rapper and producer A$AP Rocky.

Now if you’re a long time follower of CelebrityKind, you’ll know that I never, ever share baby news unless the couple (or their reps) confirm it themselves. I don’t think it’s right when media outlets or paparazzi leak someone’s personal news when they’re not ready to share it yet. I don’t think it’s a joy that should be taken away from anyone, just because they’re famous.

But here we are, no statement from RiRi. No statement from Rocky. No statement from their reps.


What we do have though is a series of photos taken by respected paparazzo Miles Diggs (he tends to work with the celebs rather than do the usual intrusive pap thing) featuring the smiling couple walking through New York City. Rihanna is wearing a hot pink puffer jacket with the buttons undone to reveal an obvious baby bump. You can check out the pics HERE.

Diggs captioned one of the pics “SHE IS!” confirming the wonderful news for us all.

And here’s the thing, both RiRi and Rocky look safe, happy and comfortable in the shots. They’re not running or hiding from the photographer like we would usually see in pap shots. The pics are not blurry or intrusive or obviously taken without permission.

I think we can assume in this case, this is how the couple wanted to share their news.

So, congrats Rihanna and A$AP Rocky…. Fun times ahead!

(Feature Image Credit: Cubankite/Shutterstock)

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