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Rita Ora and Taika Waititi smile together at a press event. Today they shared details about their wedding day on their first anniversary

Rita Ora & Taika Waititi Share Sweet Details About Their Wedding On 1st Anniversary!

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi are celebrating their first wedding anniversary and they’re opening up about their special day for the first time too!

You might remember, the couple never actually announced they tied the knot last year but certain media outlets reported their personal news anyway. It wasn’t until January this year when the singer confirmed on the Heart Breakfast radio show that they had in fact exchanged vows. They’ve managed to keep quiet about it all ever since, until now that is…

One year on from their day, the couple has shared photos with Vogue (you can see the photos here) and revealed that many reports about their wedding were… wrong!

“It’s actually been quite entertaining for us to see the different stories people made up and all the while getting to keep it to ourselves,” Rita tells the publication.

So how exactly did their wedding go down?


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Well, it was Rita who proposed to Taika. And they tied the knot just weeks after the proposal in front of close family and friends at a home in Los Angeles. And it was Rita’s sister who walked her down the aisle. And she wore a sheer white Tom Ford gown. And there was an Elvis impersonator at the reception. And their cake – a small white one with red piping – had the words “We’re Married B*tches” written on it!

“Yeah, it was beautiful,” Taika said, adding that “it was nice to just have it super-simple.”

The couple also shared footage of their special day, with Vogue premiering the music video for Rita’s song “You and I”. It features clips of Rita getting her hair and makeup done for the wedding then walking down a beautiful garden path where Taika is waiting for her, smiling. They share a kiss – an extra long one – before posing for photos in front of the famous Hollywood sign.

Check it out below:




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