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2 photos side by side of Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds smiling at separate press events.

Rob McElhenney Gifts Ryan Reynolds A Wrexham Park For His Birthday!

Ryan Reynolds has received the best birthday present, possibly ever! 

The Hollywood star, who is marking his 47th trip around the sun, has shared a video on social media from his good friend, actor and fellow Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney, gifting him a community park… in Wrexham. 

Yes, an entire park which doesn’t actually exist yet but hey, that’s just a minor detail. It will exist. Soon. And according to Rob, if all goes right, it’ll be named the Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park.

Enlisting the help of Marvel star Chris Pratt for the surprise – or, an “actual superhero,” as Rob calls him – the actor reveals the park will “have open green spaces, pop-up restaurants, we’ll have movie screenings, there will will be actual green lanterns, benches for old guys to swing on and a statue which may or may not look like Ryan.”


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According to the park’s official (and rather hilarious) website – ParksAndWrex.co.uk – Rob has been working closely with Wrexham County Borough Council to make the space happen. He has submitted proposals to open the site at “the old Hippodrome,” a much loved cinema which has been closed now for over a decade.

“The Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial stands with big shoes to fill at Henblas Street,” a message on the website reads. “The lot first served as a community staple as The Public Hall and Corn Exchange in 1873 until 1906. As corn interest decreased, the lot then served as the Wrexham Hippodrome in 1909, bringing theatre and cinema to the people of Wrexham until 2009. Today, the park’s green charm brings a breath of fresh air to this historic lot and looks forward to serving its community for another 150 more years.”

An official opening date for the park is yet to be confirmed.

Since taking over at the Wrexham football club, Rob and Ryan have been outdoing each other with their birthday surprises – from blimps flying overhead to a special urinal in Rob’s name, and now a memorial park in Ryan’s name, while he’s, um, still alive.

What more could anyone possibly want for their birthday, really? And how does Ryan possibly top a present like this for Rob next year?

Responding to the surprise on Instagram, Ryan writes: “Parks and Wrex!!! @RobMcElhenney, I don’t know how you stuffed @PrattPrattPratt into your windowless panel-van and forced him into our little birthday charade but I’m grateful to you for eternity. You’ve completely and totally outdone yourself. April is right around the corner.”

Check out Rob’s full, hilarious video message below:


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