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Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth pose at a red carpet event. They both have wavy blonde hair that sits on their shoulders. Tori wears a white dress with "Donna" written all over it in a pink, graffiti font. Jennie wears a white dress with "Kelly" printed all over it in a graffiti font.

Tori Spelling Shares the SWEETEST Message About BFF Jennie Garth

Don’t be fooled by the tabloids. They like to fabricate these “feuds”, pitting women against women, making out as if we’re all jealous of each other.

We’re not.

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that women are lifting each other up all the time. We’re praising each other’s achievements, celebrating each other’s milestones and sometimes we even like to gush over the ones who mean the most to us, just because. 

And that’s exactly what Beverly Hills 90210 star and “90210mg” podcaster Tori Spelling did this week.


She wrote a post on Instagram celebrating her BFF – fellow Beverly Hills 90210 actress and “9021omg” podcast host, Jennie Garth, just because.

“This has been my best friend aka BFF aka My Rock aka my life wife for 30 years,” she begins, sharing a photo of the two of them having a little giggle at a red carpet event.


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“I’m so grateful for #BeverlyHills90210 for bringing us together. Kelly and Donna went through it all together. But, so did Jennie and Tori. A friendship that has seen it all and keeps getting stronger with age,” she continues.

“This is a classic Jennie and Tori picture. Me whispering no doubt something inappropriate in her ear and her thinking “Nope!?!” But can’t help giggling. The only person I can laugh with about memories and stories till we both break out into a fit of uncontrollable, bring you to your knees, laughter, tears pouring down your face, on the brink of peeing your pants.”

Tori says they’ve had this bond since they were teenagers starring on the hit series together, and decades later they’re still just as close:


“And as moms collectively of 8 kiddos and strong working women in our 40s, it’s nice to have moments of silly laughter that only your best friend can provide.”

Tori explains they’re doing their first live podcast event together and she’s loving having Jennie by her side through it all:

“We keep working together simply because life is too short to not have fun and have the person you adore the most by your side personally and professionally.”

Yeah, don’t be fooled by the tabloids.

The sisterhood is pretty damn awesome.

(Feature Image Credit: DFree/Shutterstock.com)

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